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The first class of the Dinner Church School of Leadership was from September of 2020 - June 2021. Here are what some students had to say about there experience.

Josh Gering - I am planning to continue on to get my Masters with Sioux Falls.  I'm so glad you invited me to this class.  It's been so beneficial.  I really don't have the words to describe how it's honed the vision for the second half of my life.  Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge and more than that, your heart.  

The DCSL filled my tool belt with the practical knowledge I needed to plant dinner churches and set a new table for the gospel in my community.

Nicole Meredith Fike - The Dinner Church School of Leadership has provided me the opportunity to grow in my faith, and become an effective missional leader of evangelism and discipleship in this post-Christendom era. 

Marion Sortore - Dinner Church School of Leadership was not what I thought it would be. I expected more of the same – what we had experienced in the three-day introductory course. What we received was an in-depth history, theory, theology, and practice of Dinner Church. This Master’s level certificate course is the foundation that fills in all of the blanks in people’s questions about Dinner Church and how to make Disciples like Jesus did. It was at once fun and challenging! If you think you are prepared to start a dinner church with just a little bit of knowledge and a leading from God – you are – but the difference this course makes is the difference between an appetizer and full eight course dinner! I had been privileged to be a part of a dinner church in a different state – and this course helped me to look critically at what really worked and what we can do much better in our next start! Looking forward to the future! Thanks Verlon and team!

Michael Cox - The dinner church school of leadership curriculum provides the theological foundation and historical framework for effective and relevant ministry. The classes are designed to empower and equip leaders to welcome the unchurched into the community of Christ. In addition to gaining understanding and insight into the historic agape feasts of the first century, the coarse work has greatly impacted and developed my leadership. Anyone with a passion for Christ and his mission to reach the lost, will find the dinner church school of leadership to be refreshingly practical and empowering.   

Shawn Rutan - The Dinner Church School of leadership has been instrumental in reshaping the way I view ministry.  My church now looks more like the first century church with Jesus sitting at a table with sinners and tax collectors and me!

Roger Bird - As our DCSL program nears its end, first I want to thank you for this year.  It has been, without hyperbole, life changing.  In the fall, I am continuing on with my MA at Sioux Falls Seminary, with the intention to continue on to an D-Min with a focus on dinner church, which I am very excited about.