Dinner Church Launch Cohort

A 9 month training course with teaching, study & coaching that will take people to the actual launch of a community Dinner Church

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Some churches have lost a sense of urgency around its mission.  

The church has had significant decline in membership and cultural influence. Churches tend to grow through transfers rather than seeing new converts. There are reasons to be hopeful however. The life of Jesus is still a welcomed talking point, even among the Nones and Dones (Nones people who have never had any connection with the church whatsoever and Dones who got tired, bored, hurt and/or angry walking away from the church - they are DONE!) While their interest in church attendance is low, their interest in talking about Christ and the things he has brought to the world is high. We have a sociological problem; our traditional way of doing church does not fit the majority of secular people. It is time to re-examine our ways of doing church if we want the unchurched to go to Jesus with us.

A Launch Cohort is an intensive training module lasting 9 months. It begins with a day-long 6+ hour training (either on-line or in person) where the Dinner Church mission and movement is explored, examined, explained and people walk away with the initial skills to begin a Dinner Church journey.   This is followed by 9 months of coaching for a team leader where during this time a local Dinner Church is launched.  The Cohort ends with another day of  Post-Launch training to continue the Dinner Church adventure bringing existing Dinner Churches to maturity and launching more dinner churches too. 

For more information on upcoming Dinner Church Launches or if you would be interested in hosting a Launch Cohort give us your email address and a member of our team will contact you.